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February 2, 2016
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February 6, 2016

You Worked Hard

You Worked Hard

Let me guess.  You were a quiet kid in school who always turned in their assignments on time and occasionally even did “extra credit” projects.  You made the honor roll a lot, or just missed with one pesky C.  You got an after school/weekend/summer job in high school.  You progressed through the grades while building confidence in yourself and gaining learning habits.  You worked hard!

Fast forward several decades.  Now you are a successful business person.  You’ve adapted nicely to an electronic world with computers, internet, and a zillion devices and apps.  You’ve gone from a party telephone line to cell phones, a thousand square foot starter home to a MacMansion, one beat up clunker of a car to a garage full of SUVs and sports cars.  You’ve arrived.  You work hard!

An important aspect of your life now is much-deserved down time.  You need vacations and getaways to decompress, to shake off the stresses of everyday life and work.  You want to kick up your feet in a lounge chair, soak up the sun, and sip a cold beverage while barbecuing on the grill.  You worked hard!

Thanks to your diligence and perseverance through life, you may be lucky enough to own a second home, also called a vacation home.  You are in the minority in that just 6 percent of families in the United States own a second home.  These families, like yours, are the achievers.  They went through decades of learning, growing, and pushing themselves to reach their goals.  For many, like yourself, when things got tough they believed in themselves.  They stuck it out, put in extra effort.  They worked hard!

Now (or soon) your kids present you with grandkids.  Your family, of which you are now the patriarch and matriarch, grows and grows.  That vacation home is getting a bit crowded.  If it’s time to upgrade to a larger unit, or if it’s time to reward your efforts with your first vacation home, give me call and I will tell you what the Cape May County real estate market has to offer.  –  Joyce  609-780-7131

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